Employment Opportunities

‘Photographer’ (ONE Vacancy)

Classic Family Portraits (CFP) provides the opportunity for people to become self employed 'Commission Only' Photographic Sub Contractors (Photographers) utilising CFP administration and production systems.  You will require an active ABN.  Advance 'commissions' are based on weekly results.   A Full Time Photographer is required to travel away from home between 20 – 40 weeks per year (PA) depending on area allocation.  Photographers are provided with the necessary training, support and guidance to create a profitable business association with CFP.  Photographers may engage Canvassers direct or with assistance from CFP.

Working Area
The bulk of the business is generated in country and remote areas of Australia.  Australia has been divided into various working areas which are offered to photographers based on experience, performance, equipment and canvassing structure. You must be prepared to travel to succeed which makes the lifestyle better suited to couples without dependents.

Customer Generation
Over the years ‘door knocking’ has proven the best way of identifying new business and every photographer is expected to do some as part of their commitment.  CFP promotes a 'referral system' and also provides ‘previous’ customer lists for most towns which makes generating work relatively easy.  Photographers may seek assistance from CFP in creating a Photographer/Canvasser association (see Canvasser below).  Other methods are discussed during the training period.

In the House & After Hours
The Photographer sets up the backdrop and lights usually in the lounge/family room.  A series of images are taken to suit one of the CFP packages.  The photographer then shows the customer all images on a laptop until the customer settles on a final package.  Documentation is then completed and the customer selects their payment preference, usually the Direct Debit Pre-Payment Plan.  When the photographer finishes for the day they burn the ordered images to disc and check all documentation.  Documentation and discs are sent back to Head Office on a weekly basis.  Head Office then administers the order through to completion.  Head Office provides various reports to the photographer on their business activity. 

Establishment Costs
A reliable car/4WD is preferred, comfortable caravan is desirable and a decent notebook (laptop) is a must.   You will need to purchase photographic equipment equating to $2500 - $3000.  Most equipment can be provided second hand to save on initial outlay ($1200 -$2000).

Training and Support
Loads of ‘personality’ and ‘self motivation’ essential,  previous experience is not essential.  CFP provides initial training at Head Office (5 – 7 days) followed by 7 days ‘live’ training in a country location.  Further training is provided as determined by CFP.  Phone support is provided as required.  CFP also provide tax and business management guidance/support.

If you are genuinely interested, make contact through this web site or phone direct 07 3823 2221 Business Hours.

‘Canvassers’ (Two Vacancies)

Introduction Self employed Canvassers (door knockers) work with nominated CFP Photographers as self employed commission only door knocking sub contractors.  You will require an active ABN.  Commission is paid weekly based on results.  Contracted working periods are 4-40 weeks.  Mature aged couples are encouraged to apply.  Successful Canvassers will be given priority to vacant Photographer positions if/when they occur.

Working Area The bulk of the business is generated in country and remote areas of Australia.  Canvassers must be prepared to travel, door knock 20 hours/week, follow up on canvassed referrals and data base lists for another 8-10 hours/week.

Customer Generation ‘Door Knocking’ making appointments for the Photographer is the bread and butter of a Canvasser.  A Canvasser is expected to generate around 15/30 appointments per week converting to at least 10/15 photographic sessions.  This equates to a commitment of about 30 hours per week.  Additional workload can be negotiated between the Canvasser/CFP/Photographer.  CFP also provide customer data base information for most towns as well as other marketing methods to assist the Canvasser.

Establishment Costs A reliable car and comfortable caravan or tent is desirable.  A strong set of legs a minimum, be very thick skinned an advantage and being unaffected by the word ‘NO’ a must.

Training and Support No previous experience is necessary.  CFP provides the necessary training required.  CFP also provide tax and business management guidance and support.  You MUST BE HIGHLY MOTIVATED AND CONFIDENT to succeed.

Conclusion If you are genuinely interested, make contact through this web site or phone direct 07 3823 2221 Business Hours